About Dr. Wags


Kathy DeCant, CRNP with Dr. Wags

Kathy DeCant, CRNP with Dr. Wags

Dr. Wags is MainStreet Family Care’s favorite canine companion and company mascot!

Meet Dr. Wags. He was born in Dogtown, Alabama. Our MainStreet Family found Dr. Wags as a young pup with a talent for making kids smile! We took him into our Family and raised him as our own.

Dr. Wags completed undergraduate degrees at both The University of Alabama and Auburn University. After supporting himself to achieve his dream of being the first dog to graduate from medical school, Dr. Wags dedicated himself to helping others in smaller towns similar to where he came from. Dr. Wags wants to ensure no one is without convenient, friendly and fast healthcare ever again!

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Upshaw Football Camp and Mascot of MainStreet Family Urgent Care

Courtney Upshaw and Dr. Wags pose together for a picture at the Courtney Upshaw Football Camp

MainStreet mascot Collinsville event

Dr. Wags enjoys Collinsville Trade Day.