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MainStreet Family Care now offers primary care! You rely on us for all of life’s little emergencies and we are excited to offer primary care for our patients too! Our friendly staff who comes to the rescue when your family is injured or ill will be the same friendly staff helping you with your annual checkup or your high blood pressure. Our belief is all visits to the doctor’s office should be as quick and convenient as your urgent care visits! These patients will be able to make appointments 7 days a week, including our extended hours!

We have 16 clinics all over the state of Alabama. All of our MainStreet clinics are capable to help with your primary care needs and our primary care program is administered online, so you can create an online profile to schedule your first appointment. When you create your profile online, your username will be your email address. Create a password and place it somewhere safe so you can access your profile in the future. 

Additionally, we want to let you know a few of our policies ahead of time: 

    • Appointments are required for medication refills, lab work, chronic condition management, and yearly physicals.
    • Appointments are not required for acute illnesses like colds, sore throat, flu, or injuries. We consider these “Urgent Care,” and you may walk in without scheduling an appointment. 
    • We do not prescribe or refill any controlled medicines, including narcotics.

We’re here seven days a week to help with all life’s little emergencies!

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